Who struggles with the Business side of Pilates?

I know I did...and for a LONG time. This is not something that is taught in Pilates Education programs. If you're lucky to have a mentor that wants to do more than teach you the Pilates method of exercise and truly wants you to succeed, it is invaluable. I was incredibly lucky to have multiple mentors that were not only patient, but forthcoming with all business lessons. Linda Farrell of @lindafitPilates was an integral part of my building blocks. I completed my Pilates Mat training through her LindaFit Pilates education program and to this very day, almost 14 years later, Linda is always there for advice and mentorship, as well as the incomparable Corp sisters at @PilatesAcademyInternational. Katherine and Kimberly helped teach me how to interview, how to gain and retain clients. Each of these amazing Pilates mentors gave me the stepping stones, but there is so much to learn and it takes time. Part of what I've learned is to be patient with yourself. This is the number one rule with anything. All too often, we beat ourselves down. Is this conducive to being the positive body we strive to be? We can work on the body all we want, but if we are aren't working on the mind too, what is it all for? This brings me back to the business side of things. Take it one lesson at a time. Ask yourself what you already know and what you do well, what do you struggle the most with, what do you most want to do in your business? Pilates instructors, especially those newly graduated instructors, forget about the business side. I wanted to present this to you today as a reminder that it is not only about Pilates, but about you and your brand, your business. That's not to say that we, as Pilates professionals, will sacrifice the true reason we got into Pilates, but rather we are going to take care of ourselves on the business side of things so that we can continue to help others.

Stay tuned in for my upcoming workshop So now you're a Pilates Instructor. Now what?

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